Daily Steals Offering Unlocked HTC One X For $630.00


So you live in the States and want in on the quad-core HTC One X before everyone else? You may want to head on out to Daily Steals as soon as possible. Right now, they have the unlocked One X for sale for a mere $630. That means you have a chance to be the cool kid in class or in the office by owning one of the first quad-core devices. Keep in mind that this device is not the LTE version (the LTE version features a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor) and while it could work on AT&T & T-Mobile bands, it’s likely not going to be optimized, so you may see slower than normal 3G and/or HSPA+ speeds. But hey, all we really care about on the device is the Tegra 3 and Beats Audio anyways.

Prospective buyers will want to hurry as they only have until tonight to get in on the deal.

Source: Daily Steals


T-Mobile HTC One S training begins, April 25 release seems likely


It seems like the rest of the world is enjoying some HTC One Series love, but those of us in the U.S are still waiting. We got a glimpse of the EVO 4G LTE variant last week, but we won’t see that till probably late May. There is the One X for AT&T, but still nothing official as far as when. Looks like T-Mobile might be the winning carrier for releasing something from the One series first. The One S has been rumored to land on April 22, but according to Tmonews, training has begun and things seem to point towards April 25 instead. Can you handle three more days? I know I can.

Source: tmonews

Talking Translator Pro v2.4

Translate many languages
– includes dictionary
– includes Word of the day for Spanish
– translation history
– share translation via eMail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.

the app now uses SMS permission so you can translate incoming SMS. The app will not read your SMS for any other purpose, or send SMS to you or anyone.
Try our free app first and if you like it, get this AD FREE version
Speak a sentence and hear the translation!
** Requires active internet connection

– new feature:
Voice recognition for Spanish along with English
– send as eMail or SMS
– post to Facebook
– copy to other apps
– now supports translating incoming SMS too!
– word of the day!

What’s in this version:

  • Major rewrite:
  • new UI!
  • better history management
  • supports multiple languages!
  • improved performance
  • added voice support for word of the day feature
  • translation history
  • Clear history
  • Widget!

espanol Traductor Diccionario language learn tutor teach school learning school master phrase phrasebook read
China 翻譯 字典 中國 tutor
France Traducteur Dictionnaire
Germany language Übersetzer Wörterbuch Lexikon Diktionär
traduttore dizionario Italy
Japan 辞書 ディクショナリ 辞典 ディクショナリー 字引 辭典 翻訳者 訳者 翻訳家 トランスレーター
Korea 한국 번역자 사전 수리인 역자 자동 중계기 번역 루틴 사전 사서 자서


X-Plane 9 v9.70.3

Overview: X-Plane is the most flexible and realistic flight simulator on the market!
Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher

X-Plane is the most flexible and realistic flight simulator on the market!
On-sale now for the holidays! Grab your copy now before the holidays are over!
X-Plane is the most flexible and realistic flight simulator on the market for desktop and mobile devices. Using blade element theory for the most powerful and accurate flight model available for personal computers, and earning FAA certification for logging of flight time for pilots, X-Plane is the Gold Standard for accurate flight simulation, offering realism that is unmatched by any other simulator.

This version includes:
– 6 scenery regions included (15 more available for purchase)
– 7 different aircraft of varying types (43 more available for purchase)
– Fly Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night
– Fly in VFR/IFR conditions from clear skies to overcast.
– You control the weather!
– Simulated system failures!
– Bird Strikes!
– Multiplayer over WiFi!
– Installs right to your SD card (Froyo/2.2 support required)

Recent changes:
Fix for Samsung Galaxy SII running Ice-Cream Sandwich
Extended license caching duration to allow easier “offline” running of the sim


Barcode Reader Pro v1.8.1

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Use your phone as a professional barcode scanner for PC.

Use your phone as a professional barcode scanner for PC.
Just scan a bar code and the data will appear wherever your cursor is placed in any PC application. Barcode Reader Pro can read even the widest 15 cm / 6 inch barcodes making it perfect replacement for barcode reader hardware.
Ideal solution for paying bills and organizing CD / Blu-ray / DVD / VHS movie catalogs or book library. Works perfectly with Collectorz supporting also comic books.
Can be also used for finance, accounting, project management, wholesale, supply chain and retail tasks with ease.
The Reader supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connections.
Before using Barcode Reader Pro you need to download drivers from http://www.kinoni.com
Click button ‘Download Windows Drivers’ under Kinoni Barcode Reader column.


RecordBeater Pro v2.4.9

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: RecordBeater – Music matching your steps.

* Automatically synchronize your music to your running steps.
* Pace yourself with faster music.
* Interval training and speed play with fast music.
* Race against your own records!
* Running programs for 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon training.
* Free sample music package from Sportunes.
* Real time GPS Sports tracker.
* Voice feedback.
* Support for Zephyr Bluetooth Heart rate monitor (HxM).
* Share your workouts.

With RecordBeater Pro you are getting your own virtual running trainer with running programs for getting you started running or running faster or longer. All features in the running programs are integrated with the unique music control of RecordBeater.

* Run 5K, 10K or even a 1/2 marathon faster.
* From 0K to 5K. (Aka “C25K” or “Couch to 5K”)
* From 10K to 1/2 marathon.

User reviews
* I have tried several running apps and this is by far the best (Scott)
* This is an amazing piece of software. (Dutch Gecko)
* I paid for CardioTrainer, i paid for Runkeeper. One run with RecordBeater made me realize i wasted my money. (…) (RecordBeater) is so many levels above what’s out there now (WhoHasTheRuns)
* Makes pacing yourself easy. Never realised the effect high paced music has on my ability to push myself. (Rikke Salbøl)

What’s in this version:
Press back twice to exit workout module.
Bug fixes.


RAISE Desktop Clock Widget v2.05

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: RAISE is a high class unique designed desktop clock.
Created exclusive for smartphone devices.

Bring some magical beauty to your Android device.

RAISE is a high class unique designed desktop clock.
Created exclusive for smartphone devices.

app content:
– designer desktop clock widget
– special alarm sound
– wallpaper
– optional datefield

copyright© saintberlin


Supersonic HD™ v1.0.6

Latest version:1.0.6

Android 2.1+

Details · · ·
Surf the beat!

Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged, music-driven 3D ride game. Blaze through radiant neon racing circuits at ever faster speeds, accompanied by electronic beats from Finnish artist collective Kitkaliitto. The ultimate challenge comes in the 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles.


★ High speed 3D tunnel ride game
★ Cutting edge riders can compete for a place on the weekly Top 50 list
★ Levels designed to the rhythm of electronic music by Kitkaliitto
★ Three game modes: Classic, Blitz and MixTape
★ Blazing 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles
★ Four classic mode racing circuits with custom soundtracks and loads of score bonuses
★ Earn game credits to purchase power-ups for Blitz mode

EAAW Note: Gameplay video from iOS, but game is for Android 😉


4EXT Recovery Control v2.3.6


Latest version:2.3.6
Requirement: Android 2.1 and up

Details · · ·
What do you want to flash today?

This is the must-have application for everyone using or planning to use 4EXT Recovery. Please check the list about currently supported devices!

By buying this app, you not only get a feature rich application that lets you control, configure and handle the advanced features of 4EXT Recovery with comfort, you also contribute to the future of 4EXT Recovery itself!

Thanks to the great community the project will continually improve and stay as active as possible!

For a fully functional, free preview, please try the free “Recovery Updater” which includes a 3 day preview of 4EXT Recovery Control.

At the moment the following are supported:
HTC Sensation, Incredible S / 2, Desire Z / G2, Desire S, Desire, Desire HD, Inspire 4G, myTouch 4G, Nexus One

Your device MUST BE ROOTED and currently you need to be S-OFF to use all the features!
Please be patient regarding translations of the app. I will do my best to do that 🙂
Please see http://www.4ext.net for a complete feature list.
There are too many to list them here.

Some examples:

*) Start Backups, Advanced Backups, Restore, Advanced Restore directly from inside the app

*) Check your backups’ health to ensure they will restore later when you need them, by verifying their md5sums!

*) Want to know which partitions a certain backup contains?
-> Was it an “Advanced Backup, where you didn’t select all partitions? ->
-> This and more information is automatically displayed in the list of your backups.

*) Calculates real values for the space needed to create a new full or advanced backup

for “Advanced Backups”: While you are selecting / deselecting partitions, it will display and update the currently needed space to complete that custom backup set.

*) Install multiple zip files at once ->

*) Optionally display the md5sums of all the files you are going to flash in one go!

-> So you can make sure all are ok before you flash them.

*) Want to format all partitions with a file system of your choice before you flash a new rom?

-> Just use one of the Superwipe options

*) Prefer to stay inside recovery after all your selected operations are done? No problem.

*) The following example would be possible to do in just one session (one reboot in to recovery):
-> Restore a backup
-> Create a backup or advanced backup before the restore process starts
-> Format all you partitions in a file system of your choice before the restore process starts
-> Flash as many zip files you want after the restore is complete
-> Fix permissions afterwards if you like
-> Select to stay inside recovery or reboot automatically once all actions are complete

*) Change the look and feel of your Recovery with a nice colour picker!

*) Try out as many themes you like with a live preview.

-> it will look the same as if you rebooted into recovery to check it out.

*) Preview, modify, install, uninstall 4EXT Themes without the need to reboot into recovery
*) View data about all your partitions directly from inside the app, without rebooting into recovery
*) Had a bad Recovery session and didn’t have the time to save the log file? No problem, let the app save it to your sdcard!
*) Safely online install and upgrade 4EXT Recovery (md5sums are automatically verified)
-> if in rare cases this doesn’t work, let the app download a zip file including the recovery version you selected to your sdcard.
->The integrity of this downloaded recovery zip is automatically verified for you so you don’t need to check md5sums!

*) View all changelogs or known issues of any version available to your device.

*) Stay informed about any newly discovered bugs
*) Encountered a problem? Use the report issue button to tell me about your problem and optionally attach valuable info such as your last recovery log to help me help you much better.

*) .. and much more! For a complete feature list see http://www.4ext.net