Will the 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 2 be Priced at $310? QVC Seems to Think So

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), I imagine you are interested to know its retail price, too. Lucky for us, an eagle-eyed Phone Arena reader spotted a QVC ad for the device before it was quickly removed from their website. According to the attached QVC screenshot, the new 7-inch Galaxy Tab will run $309.96, at least through QVC as long as details don’t change before it officially goes on sale. This price was listed for the most basic 8GB version of the device with no cellular capabilities so expect that as the base price for the 7-inch tab.

Since this info was outed by mistake one could easily think the new Samsung slates are just around the corner, but lets not forget about the most recent news of a delayed launch due to software issues. In reality, we are probably not going to see the new Sammy tabs until late April if not early March and the UK is the first country said to receive the devices. Lets hope the issues get ironed out sooner rather than later and the $310 price tag actually becomes a reality.

Source: Phone Arena

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