Android 4.0 Factory Images Officially Available For The Google Nexus S 4G Smartphone

Happy days continue for owners of the Google Nexus S 4G smartphone. The much-anticipated Android 4.0 update is officially on its way and now the “soju” factory images are officially available as well, which officially brings Sprint’s version of the Nexus S current with the GSM versions of the device. Android AOSP wunderkind Jean-Baptiste Queru takes some time to make some key distinctions of the newly available factory image:

“This is meant to be used by people who built and flashed their own custom version of AOSP and wish to return to the factory state. If you’re currently running an official retail build, I simply recommend that you wait for the OTA”.

In summary folks: the factory image is meant for those who well you know… fiddled or tinkered with their device by adding a custom ROM for example– and want to flash their device back to its stock state. If you’re on stock Android now, you’re probably better off waiting for the actual OTA update instead of flashing your device to the latest build. When attempting to flash the factory image to the Nexus S 4G, please be aware that there’s a known bug in the bootloader, you’ll have to boot into whatever version of Android is on your device, and then return to fastboot and restart the flashing sequence.

Happy flashing all!

Source: Google Code
via: Jean-Baptiste Queru+

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