Google and Reliance team up to offer free data to new Android users in India

Is this a blue android I see before me? It certainly is as it’s the figurehead for the ‘Blue Bot’ campaign launched by Google and Reliance. Both parties have significant interest in the success of this campaign, for Google it looks to drive interest in the Android OS in India and for Reliance it’s all about attracting new customers to its new 3G network.

The promotion promises 1GB of free data usage for all new Reliance CDMA sign-ups and renewals, both pre-paid and contract, who purchase a new Android handset. The data is for one month only and must be used within the calendar month. The deal is available right now and is due to run until June 15th. There is a separate, similar promotion for GSM handsets due to launch on May 5th.

The Indian market is still very much dominated by Nokia with Android market share slowly creeping up, a free data offering is certainly an ideal way to kickstart a sales surge. Google’s quest for Android world domination continues. Click the link below to take a closer look at the deals on offer.

Source : Reliance
via : tech2

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