Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II Begins Receiving Android 4.0 ICS In The UK

Like a wayward step child, the unlocked Galaxy S II will start to join its cousins in regards to receiving Android 4.0. In what seemed like a forgetful device, Sammy, in typical Sammy fashion, is a little late to the game but nevertheless here. The company has confirmed and has actually already begun pushing ICS 4.0 to the best selling handset as I write. Like O2, Vodafone and other carriers, the GSII will begin joining the club of 4.0′ers with the slightly tweaked addition of Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay.

“Samsung UK has been working as hard as possible over the last few weeks to get Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) rolled out to all our Galaxy S II customers. We can confirm that ‘XEU/sim-free’ and all network upgrades are now complete except for Orange and T-Mobile which will follow as soon as possible, pending software testing and approvals. Thanks again for your patience” Samsung

And of course, we weren’t expecting this to be a typical Android fashioned OTA update. So get your Favorite Samsung KIES app ready (sarcasm mine) because that’s the only way you’ll be pushing this to your device, sorry folks. Following carrier testing, T-Mobile UK and Orange should be joining the party. Timing couldn’t have been any closer as Samsung will most likely be unveiling the Galaxy S III with ICS on-board in London on May 3rd, of which our very own Chris Stewart will be in attendance to cover the whole event. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: TwitLonger

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