HTC is Moving Away from Physical Keyboards on Phones

You know it had to happen at some point, but it is always different seeing it in writing. HTC has announced it will move away from physical keyboards on its phones with focus being shifted to better on-screen keyboards. This is not to say HTC will never release another phone with a physical keyboard as I am sure some are in development still, just that future phones will be all-digital. If you follow the world of smartphones, this should be no surprise. When Apple released the iPhone as a pure touchscreen device, the death knell for physical keyboards began. Every manufacturer has smartphones with on-screen keyboards, and while some still include a physical one, those numbers have dwindled to nearly zero. I know there will be some people disappointed with the move to digital keyboards, but hopefully the engineering minds at HTC can make ones that are just as easy to use as physical ones.

Source: TechCrunch


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