Sprint Galaxy Nexus Running Android 4.0.4 While Verizon’s Still Stuck On 4.0.2

As some Sprint customers begin to receive their pre-ordered Galaxy Nexus phones, we have learned that the device is running Android 4.0.4, which is a more updated version than Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, which is still only on 4.0.2. Verizon customers are not too happy right now since they bought a Google Experience phone to get timely updates, but haven’t gotten an update since 4.0.2 dropped on launch day 5 months ago.

Apparently, some Verizon customers are still complaining about some serious bugs in 4.0.2, specifically mic dropping during calls, bad reception, random reboots, performance issues, and poor battery life. A leaked 4.0.4 build seems to have fixed many of those issues but has not yet been officially released on Big Red. The only solution for many right now is to root their device and install the leak, a process only us geeks are really comfortable doing. Most customers are not like us and have no other choice but to wait for an official update.

Some rumors point to Verizon deciding to wait until 4.0.5 to update their Galaxy Nexus devices, but they are just rumors and we don’t know for sure one way or the other. So what’s the hold up? Is Verizon the blocker here, or is it Google? The way carriers control their roll-outs, it would seem it’s Verizon stalling the updates… but doesn’t that mean the Galaxy Nexus is not a true Google Experience device on Verizon? Remember, Google already stated that the CDMA Galaxy Nexus is not an AOSP supported device due to intellectual property issues with the CDMA technology, but that it would still be updated and supported by Google, whcih further points the finger in Verizon’s direction.

So what’s the deal, Verizon?

Source: droid-life

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