Zagg Launches ZAGGsafe, A Two-Year Warranty That Covers Unlocked Mobile Devices

We all know Zagg for their INVISIBLEshield phone protectors, but now they have come out with a new way to protect your mobile device. It’s called ZAGGsafe, a two-year warranty for ANY new smartphone or tablet. For just $99 for two years of protection you can get coverage for any device purchased within the last 90 days.

Zagg says this warranty covers everything from water damage to broken glass to software issues. It even covers jailbroken and unlocked devices, something carrier warranties won’t go near. For water damage and broken glass, there is a $59 deductible. With ZAGGsafe, you can file claims up to the original price of the device, meaning more expensive devices can file more claims than cheaper devices. Turnaround times for claims are stated at 3-5 days, so replacement devices should arrive in less than a week. Not too shabby.

So for those of you with unlocked devices who want some protection, you might want to check out ZAGGsafe at the source link below.

Thanks Brandon!

Source: Zagg

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