Lenovo Invests $800 Million For Mobile Device Facility

Lenovo has announced plans to invest $800 million in a new facility focused on mobile products. Lenovo has yet to make a big splash in mobile and wants to get in on the lucrative action by employing several thousand workers at the new location in Wuhan, China, which will focus on building mobile devices for both China and overseas. Lenovo’s Intel-powered K800 smartphone is due at the end of the month and Lenovo wants to keep the momentum going.

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Sony Open Sources Two SmartWatch Extensions For Developers To Play With

Our review of the Sony SmartWatch was luke-warm, but the device does show some promise with its extensibility and SDK. Most of the issues I have with the watch can be fixed with software, and anything Sony can do to get developers to take to their platform helps add value to this $150 toy.

Sony seems to understand this and today open-sourced two of its extensions to the developer community. The first is the music player extension, which will allow devs to build on Sony’s music controller app. The second is called 8 Game, a tile-sliding puzzle, which can serve as the basis for further game development.

This is a good start, Sony, but don’t let it end here. Nothing kills a platform faster than too few apps, and us SmartWatch owners want more… more apps, more games, more functionality. Nothing would make me happier than to write an update to my review in a few months time saying how much better the SmartWatch has become due to a thriving ecosystem.

Devs, hit the source link to get started… and whip me up something awesome, please.

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Amazon is Offering the Sprint Galaxy Nexus for $149.99 Plus a $50 Google Wallet Credit

When looking for the best price on a new smartphone, heading directly to Amazon Wireless is becoming more and more the best option you have. They have managed to beat retail and sale price’s on many of the top-tier Android phones and now they are at it once again. For those of you who may have been holding out to grab the new Sprint Galaxy Nexus, now may be your chance to score a pretty good deal. It isn’t one of Amazon’s Penny Sale’s, but they will beat the contract price by 50 bucks and will give you a $50 Google wallet credit as well. On top of that, Amazon will also include free two-day shipping so your wait time will only be minimal (they know how much we pine for a new Android device!). To get in on the deal, simply click through the source link below and be sure to come back and let us know if you placed an order! We like to know when our readers make good decisions.

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Switch v1.4

Current Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action

V1.4 update:
Fixed some issues with black screens and the game not working on older phones.

Insanely addictive, fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and sounds.

As we got a lot of complaints about the adverts in the free version we have decided to try removing the adds completely with a token system provided by the guys at Pocket Change – this is why the new privacy permissions are in the game. It’s hard to get the balance between Ads and free but if you like the game please upgrade to the plus version which also gives you some extra options as well as removing adverts.
A top 5 HOT APP on App Brain

Check out some of the great quotes we have received:

Pocketgamer.co.uk “It’s quite often the case that the free games on Android tend to be riffs on established genres, but rarely are they as polished and good-looking as Switch”

The Sun Games Column “As far as Android titles go, this is good. Very good.”

Droidgamers.com “Switch is a great little 3D racing game that is face-paced and looks great.”

Eudroid.com “It’s fantastic and works very well on touch screens / A great game that really suits the hardware and mobile format. Get it.”

letstalktablets.com “yet another visual masterpiece. That’s right everyone, Switch has arrived. How long will you last in this fast paced thrill ride? Strap on your space age seat belt and prepare to get hooked on this extremely addictive 3D game.”

Androidguys.com “We just spent the last half hour playing Switch and have found ourselves officially hooked. Switch is easy to master but nearly impossible to walk away from.”

SmartKeitai.com “Switch consists of just one level, but it takes us on a thrill ride from start to finish and keeps us coming back for more.”
Switch is an insanely addictive fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and high quality sound coupled with white-knuckle ride gameplay. It’s the latest FREE game from Atomicom, the makers of Bang Bang Racing THD named as one of the best looking games on Android.

Welcome to one of the fastest gaming experiences on Android, Switch sets you against obstacles and opponents as you weave your way through space and time. Your goal is to travel as far as possible avoiding the energy beams that will destroy your ship, time your switches correctly to also avoid the enemy ships. If you need some help collect the shield power-ups that will let you smash through your opponents and achieve top scores.

You will be amazed by the incredible graphics, high quality sounds and the sheer speed of the game, how long can you last?
• Simple and addictive gameplay.
• Console quality visuals and sounds.
• Original sound and music.
• Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.

Also coming very soon is House of Golf and Angry Wife, check out http://www.atomicom.co.uk for more information on our forth coming titles.

Tap Zoo v1.24

Current Version: 1.24
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Casual

V1.24 update:
Bug Fixes.

Create and care for your very own zoo with tons of animals!

Can you grow your island from a one animal zoo to a world-class safari park?

The #1 FREE ZOO GAME on the iPhone is now available on Android.
Have fun nurturing and growing your zoo on your Android phone! You’re moments away from building and customizing your own zoo by choosing which animals to buy, and which to breed, and cross-breed.

New content and features will be released frequently so make sure to stay updated!

– More than 50 new animals to care for!
– Make choices about how to expand your zoo
– Breed animals
– Find new and exciting animals through crossbreeding
– Place sidewalks and rivers to encourage visitors to see all your different animals and attractions
– Unlock new animals and zoo attractions
– Collect money your animals have earned for your zoo
– Build stores, restaurants, and attractions to encourage more people to come visit your zoo
– Hire rangers to help you care for your animals when you’re not there
– Plant trees to make your park more beautiful
– Android tablets supported
– Works on Android 2.2+
– It’s FREE!

Pocket Gems is the name behind Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Hotel, Tap Petshop and several other ridiculously fun free games downloaded over 40 million times on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you like other games like Bakery Story, Fashion Story, My Country, or Paradise Island, you’ll love Tap Zoo.

See why millions of customers just can’t wait for the next Pocket Gems release and download this game for free today!

Colorize Widget v1.9

Current Version: 1.9
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Productivity

V1.9 update:
Improve facebook status detail
Change divider line on hdpi device
For ICS Support you should use app name “Wizz” and You can use “Colorize unlock” code to unlock “Wizz”

Colorize Widget is a powerful collection of android widgets that provide useful widget
for fast access importance data and social media status on your mobile home screen.

There are widgets in Colorize Widget
✓ Facebook
✓ Twitter
✓ Agenda
✓ Analog Clock
✓ Messages (SMS)
✓ Contacts
✓ Bookmarks
✓ GReader

Pro version
☆ TimeLine
☆ Calendar
☆ More Theme & Configurations
** Required
• Home Launcher supported scrollable API Like ADW Launcher, LiveHome, OpenHome and GO Launcher
• It don’t support Launcher Pro and Stock Launcher

**Twitter Message support only OAuth Login**
!! Warning !!
• Do not install on SD Card
• After every update you have to restart home launcher
For me details go to http://www.colorizewidget.com

Any feedback and bug reports use
“Report Bugs” in settings or go to http://www.colorizewidget.com/forum

World Weather Clock Widget v5.76

Current Version: 5.76
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
Category: Weather

V5.76 update:
Ver 5.76:
Fixed timezone of Australia. please delete old widget, and recreate new one for cities in Australia
Fixed several bugs

World Weather Clock Widget with GPS and maps (and status bar)

Weather and Clock application
Check weather forecasts, current conditions, time and date for any location in the world. You can even check five days detailed forecasts.
Moreover, you can check the current weather and the rain fall probability in the status bar.
(New!) You can check the rain radar, satellite view and map for your location.

(Please feel free to send any request or question by e-mail. We are always happy to hear them in order to improve our application.)
* If the application is not found in the list of widgets, please check whether it has been moved to the SD card, then move it back to the internal storage.
* The reconfiguration of the widget is explained at the bottom.

* Ver5.54 has a critical bug to remove all widgets from the home screen. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

Ver 5.76:
– Fixed timezone of Australia. please delete old widget, and recreate new one for cities in Australia
– Fixed several bugs

Ver 5.75:
– Improved downloading speed to show multiple cities
– Fixed crashing bugs

Ver 5.74:
– Show weather forecast of major cities in maps page of widgets
– Fixed several bugs

Ver 5.73:
– Improved GPS
– Fixed force closing bugs
– Improved the battery usage

Ver 5.63
– Fixed force closing bugs
– Added new fonts (now available for 4×1 4×2, but will be extended to the other widget size as well)
– Improved the weater database (Some requires you to delete a widget and recreate. sorry for the inconvenience)
– Added “wood pattern” in the background list (please refer to the screen shots)
– improved the stability and the battery usage
– Fixed a bug of manual update

– Fixed several bugs

– Added 4×2 size
– Added high-resolution icons
– Added weather map
– Fixed Force crashing bugs

– Added the functionality to customize the text color

– Added the list of weather clock widgets which can be launched by the application icon

– All tutorials in French are now ready

– Map view now available
– Rain radar, satellite view and maps

Ver 5.37:
– Added locations around pacific ocean

Ver 5.35:
– Added a function to report bugs

– Add an option to show Today’s weather forecasts instead of the current conditions

– Added 4×1 widget (Please see screen shots)

– Added translations (20+ languages)
– Added refresh rate settings
– Added time adjustment settings(±1)

– Added background selection.
– Show month days in the list.
– Improved UI & UX.
– Improved performance.

* GPS-based forecast (including wind, humidity and rain probability).
* You can check the rain probability and weather forecasts all over the world (more than 197 countries).
* Show the forecast in the status bar.
* 3 icon styles and 4 backgrounds.
* Weekly weather forecasts.
* Compact display mode for incompatible devices.
* Show the day, day of the week and year in the widget.
* Settings for refresh rate and time adjustment.
* Translations for more than 20 languages.

* GPS location and forecast information are updated every hour. If you want to update them manually, please tap the “Update now” button.
* If there are some errors, please reinstall the application and then reboot the device.
* If the time zone displayed is incorrect, please let us know by e-mail.
* Rain radar is cached for 1 hour.

How to reconfigure the widget:
1. Tap a widget to open the weekly forecasts page
2. Click the menu button of the device or tap the blue “Update now” button on the left of the page
3. Tap the “Settings” button

(world, weather, forecast, clock, date, rain, humidity, wind)
English name: World Weather Clock Widget
Old name: World Forecast Clock Widget

Author: satok, Symrop
Since: 10 Jul 2009