Nexus 12 tablet concept


While the Nexus 5 is the only new Nexus device that was launched by Google alongside Android 4.4 KitKat, new reports have detailed new alleged Nexus 8 sightings and a Nexus 12 tablet concept.

Meet the Nexus 12 dream

From the start, we’re going to tell you that this is a concept, imagined by an Android fan who posted the render above on DeviantArt, right next to some specs for the device.

We’re looking at a 12-inch fantasy tablet that would be made by Asus for Google. Let’s see what TheTechnoToast imagined for the tablet when it comes to hardware:

  • A 12-inch screen with a 5120×3200 Gorilla Glass 4 capacitive touch screen at 503 pixels-per-inch
  • 4GB of RAM (expandable to 6GB)
  • A 2.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000
  • Android 4.5 Kit Kat (an incremental upgrade to 4.4)
  • A 3MP front facing camera
  • A 13MP back camera that can shoot up to 4K
  • 5 powerful neodymium magnet speakers on either side of the device
  • Windows RT and Chrome OS Ready (multi-boot)
  • Optional official pre-root with partnership with the creators of SuperUser and Cyanogenmod
  • All tablets shipped with 4G LTE ready chips
  • And then the usual stuff (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.)

Again, this is just a concept, and while it looks lovely on paper – not to mention that many potential tablet buyers would love to get their hands on such a product – we’ll have to wait a while to see something like this hit stores.

Speaking of things looking good on paper, suggested pricing for such a high-end device sounds too good to be true, but since it’s a concept, we’ll show it to you anyway: £200 for 32GB (LTE-enabled), £280 for 64GB (LTE-enabled), £360 for 128GB (LTE-enabled).

When it comes to real products, we’ll remind you that Samsung is expected to launch a 12-inch Galaxy Note Android tablet at some point in the future, while Asus has been rumored to work on a 10-inch Nexus 10 (2013) tablet for Google.


Source: Android Authority

LG G Flex’s self healing film and durability shown off in new video

We’ve already heard about LG’s latest flexible display smartphone, the LG G Flex, and its less than conventional display shape, but another feature that has caught our eye is the G Flex’s ability to heal scratches on the back cover of the device. LG has now revealed a short video showing off this nifty feature, comparing it to a “conventional” back cover, as well as showing off the durability of the device.

The first half of the video demonstrates the self healing feature by first scratching the back of the G Flex (and a conventional back cover) with a 500 gram bronze brush. After two minutes the obvious scratching on the G Flex’s back cover was completely gone, while the other back cover is clearly scratched. The test was then repeated using a 750 gram bronze brush, and after three minutes the scratches on the G Flex’s back cover were almost completely gone.

The second test showcased the flexibility and durability of the G Flex, as 8,16 and 32 kilogram kettlebells were placed on the G Flex with the phone’s screen facing the table. The test showed that the G Flex could pressed completely flat and then return to its original shape. The display wasn’t damaged by this test. This could also help the G Flex survive drops, but that’s yet to be seen.

The third and final test again demonstrated the G Flex’s ability to go completely flat and return to its original curve, the test involving a person sitting on the device and then leaning back with their hand on the device. This will come as good news to those who have accidentally shattered their device by sitting on them.

The G Flex isn’t just a flexible screen though, it comes with some impressive specs like a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, a massive 3500mAh battery and a 13 MP camera. The display is probably the only let down, with a 6-inch 720P display, it’s not the highest resolution ever to grace a mobile device.

The G Flex is said to be launching in South Korea this week, with a release to other markets at a later date. The price for the chance to be apart of the first wave of flexible display smartphones, and the chance to own a “wolverine” phone? A cool $940.

What do you think of the LG G Flex? Is the flexible display still a gimmick or are these features enough to prove its worth?

Source: Android Authority

[New App] LEGO® TV


If building blocks are still the first things to come to mind when you hear the word “LEGO”, it might just be a sign of your age. LEGO video games have been hitting the market for over a decade now, and they’ve been good enough to appeal to kids and adults alike. Of course, if the brand has spawned games, it’s also inspired television shows and movies. The latest LEGO app to enter the Play Store provides direct access to the official LEGO YouTube Channel and select downloadable movies, so you, or your kid, can stream and download LEGO content all day long.

LEGO TV is filled with such goodies as the Chima, Ninjago, Friends, and Hero Factory shows along with animations based on such universally known brands as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and the DC/Marvel universes. Much of the content consists of clips and trailers, but there are longer movies up for download as well. So if you’re ready for a laugh, hit the widget below.



[New App] CyanogenMod Installer

After a bit of testing, the CyanogenMod Installer app has hit Google Play for everyone. When combined with the desktop client (and a USB cable), this becomes the fastest way to install CyanogenMod. It won’t work on every phone, but it completely automates things on supported devices.

The app is basically a guide for preparing your phone to be detected and flashed by the desktop client, which does all the heavy lifting. You don’t need to be rooted or unlocked before using the installer – it’ll take care of everything for you. Since the process involves unlocking the bootloader, not all devices are supported. You can see the full list of supported phones as of now on the CyanogenMod wiki. It includes Nexus devices, of course, but also a number of recent Samsung devices and most HTC One variants. Missing are all Verizon phones (except for the Gnex), which are locked down more tightly.

If you’ve got a supported device, this is a fine way to get on the custom ROM train. CyanogenMod has a pretty streamlined update system, so you won’t need to muck around in recovery mode to keep things up to date.

Update: The desktop client is live on the CM website now.



[New App] Black Friday Deal Finder 2013


Can you believe the holiday shopping season is almost upon us, pressing down with the weight of a thousand suns and squeezing the last bit of cash out of your bank account? Black Friday deals can be a little misleading – not everything is actually a deal anymore. The new SlickDeals Black Friday app is now in the Play Store to help you save some cash later this month. If that’s not enough, FatWallet dropped its Black Friday app in the store a few weeks ago.

The SlickDeals app has plenty of features, including notifications of new and updated ad leaks, full scanned ads, filtering, and discussion boards. The design is not very Android-y, but it still looks pretty good. Note, this is separate from the regular SlickDeals app, which lists all the deals posted to the site. The FatWallet app looks a little less polished, but it’s not the quality of the app that matters, right?

Both apps are free in Google Play and already brimming with Black Friday deals. With both the big players in deal-finding on Android, you should be able to plan ahead a bit better and not end up storming the doors at Best Buy at 5AM.



[New App] Camera Awesome

Sometimes a smartphone comes with a crappy camera. Other times, it just comes with crappy software. The good thing is that there are no shortage of compelling camera apps to choose to from, and today, there’s one more. SmugMug’s Camera Awesome has made its way over to Android after amassing over 20 million downloads on the Apple App Store and averaging a near perfect 4.5 star rating.

Camera Awesome is packed with features, offering users an HDR mode, the ability to take panorama shots, and a high-speed burst. With anti-shake video image stabilization, candid recordings need not look as spontaneous as they are. The app also offers limited editing options, including the ability to selectively choose where on an image a filter should be applied.

The app offers additional functionality on Tegra 4 devices, and it even comes pre-installed on the Tegra Note 7. Exclusive features include always-on HDR, object tracking, and pressure-sensitive stylus support. Many non-Tegra products don’t just lose out on these features, though. They miss out entirely, as device support is pretty limited.

Camera Awesome is available for $2.99, and it’s just raring to help Android users take better mobile photos. Get it below.



[New Game] Principia

Physics puzzlers aren’t just about flinging birds across the screen – sometimes you need to build something. In fact, sometimes you need to build something really complicated and awesome. That’s the trail blazed by Apparatus, and Principia is following its path. This game invites you to design bridges, towers, cars, rocket ships and more using over 150 different objects.

The trailer has some amazing stuff in it, but it also makes me feel slightly intimidated. Still, I kind of want to let this game defeat me – it looks fun. In addition to the puzzles there is an adventure mode where you can smash stuff after the puzzles stump you. New puzzles and adventure levels are supposed to be coming on a regular basis too.

Principia lets you go way beyond the level of Apparatus. You can use electronics to build working robots and calculators, or even create entirely new gameplay modes. If the original Apparatus was Lego, this is Lego Mindstorms.