ES File Explorer v1.6.1.5

Current Version:
Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Category: Productivity

V1.6.1.5 update:
1)SkyDrive(support format list on microsoft website)
2) Manage files from LAN PC(Remote manager in settings)
3) FTPS support
What’s Next?

Featured File manager & App manager which can explore the phones & computers.

30 millions global downloads in 2011!
One of best tools on Android market.
Support 23 languages.

Cupcake (Android 1.5) and Donut (Android 1.6) user please use ES File Explorer Cupcake version.
This standard version is for Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0

ES File Explorer for Android is a free, featured all-in-one file manager & application manager & task killer & dropbox client & ftp client which explores your phone and your computer. It allows android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, it makes easy to manage, stay connected using your 3G, EDGE or WiFi, and share with friends, upload photos, watch videos.

Latest Features List :
* File Manager — Operate files(Copy, Paste, Cut/Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Share/Send) in the phone and computers

* Multiselect files

* Application manager — Manage apps(Install, Uninstall, Backup, Shortcuts, Category)

* Compress and Decompress ZIP files, Unpack RAR files, can create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files

* View Different file formats, photos, docs, videos anywhere, support third party applications such as Document To Go to open document files

* Thumbnails for APK,images, and with an inbuilt image browser

* Text viewers and editors

* Search files

* Access your Home PC, via WIFI with SMB

* FTP, it’s your FTP client, manage the files on the FTP server as the ones on the sd card

* Dropbox,,Sugarsync, it’s an enhanced cloud storage client other than the official version. It can save photos and videos to your net drive and share your photos and docs, easily edit docs in your account.

* Bluetooth file transfer tool. You can copy and paste files between bluetooth ready devices.It supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transfering files between Bluetooth devices.

* Kill tasks, with a one click, pretty simple widget for auto kill, with ignore list to ignore some applications you don’t want to kill. It is an advanced task killer to kill running applications and clean memory(This feature needs ES Task Manager module installed)

* Shortcuts, bookmark manager (This feature needs ES Bookmark Manager module installed)

* Root explorer feature. It is the ultimate file management tools for root users. You might access the whole file system and data directories, and change permissions.

* Developers can visit our website for the developer interface for picking files from your applications, email attachments, etc.

* And much more.

Old description:
Free, Featured File manager & App manager & taskkiller which explores PHONE & PC.
*copy/cut move
*edit text
*manage apps
*send as
*media on ftp
*access PC

It’s a file manager, a file explorer, a app manager, just bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. It’s ES File Explorer.
It’s a free client for FTP, Dropbox (dropbox .com), SMB, Bluetooth. It has inbuilt txt reader, text editor, image viewer, zip viewer and player, it would copy, move, cut, paste, create, rename, it manage files, folders, applications, memory,it can do sharing by WIFI. Always have your stuff with you, no matter when and where.
It’s ES File Explorer, It’s made by ES.

ES File Explorer  ES Task Manager
ES        ES
ES        ES
ES Task Manager  ES Security
ES             ES
ES             ES
ES File Explorer ES Bookmark

We’re working for a best file manager for users of ES, so, Do not hesitate to CONTACT ES with your advice, or if you have any issue.

Mi File Explorer v2.3.7.30

Current Version:
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Personalization

V2.3.7.30 update:

v2.3.7.30 :
1. created a dark theme for this version (sorry if you don’t like it, I’m the fan of light theme too)
2. fixed bug for minimum file size in settings page
3. fixed FC on deleting file in category pages
4. fast start app
5. languages updated (we have a bigger app:D)
6. fixed zh-CN and pt-BR language problem
7. added primary folder in settings page
8. removed show/hide tab from settings page
9. added quickly turn on/off wifi by clicking on wifi icon in FTP page
10. show the real path in root explorer mode
11. better layout for browse page in landscape mode
12. fixed funny bug on saving UID/GID/Sticky in permissions dialog
13. moved settings button to top corner tab
14. show exit popup on each tab page
15. moved mount r/w option to the settings page
16. optimized swiping pages
17. fixed copying files (it was unusable)
18. create new name for file/folder when you’re creating file/folder or coping files and file/folder exists
19. added copy RootDirectory/SymLink (not sure:D not tested)
20. fixed deleting file bug in root explorer
21. and lots of small bugs fixed

new build:
1. root access problem for some users, solved
2. languages updated
3. scrolling toolbar problem in browse tab
4. installing multiple apks problem solved
1. added swiping pages (be careful, it’s hot:D)
2. new add/remove favorite style
3. multi selecting problem discovered!:D and solved
4. /data folder bug fixed
5. languages updated
6. changed the app label to “File Explorer”
7. show files with zero size
8. add created file to the category lists immediately
9. update operation button (selectAll/cancel) status, when list Item clicked (in selection mode)
10. favorite listing problem solved (sometimes doesn’t update)
11. root explorer is more powerful now:D, sorry for the previous version, but If you see the wrong data tell me please
12. lots of tiny bugs that I don’t remember are fixed.:D
13. sorry for startup loading speed, will be fix

I’m working on …
1. Browsing archives before extracting
2. swiping pages
-. sending apk via bluetooth (What am I doing? I can send apk in the normal way:confused:
and fixing other bugs and creating all your nice ideas

v2.3.7.28 :
1. We have a pro root explorer now
2. Some changes and little bugs fixed.


Porting and extending Miui file explorer Root Explorer Pro

This is MIUI file manage with more powerful function

Neptune File Explorer v0.9.11

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Simple, Easy But Powerful file manager Neptune explorer


Simple, Easy But Powerful file manager Neptune explorer

1. File Browser
Manage file and folder
Create folder, copy, cut, paste, delete
Zip compress, extract, view, image thumbnail.

2. Process Manager
Manage running process
Kill running process

3. Application Mananger
Back up, Uninstall, Launch

4. Backup Manager
Install or Delete Backup App.

* Thanks to the translators
Japanese : Justis Taejun Cho, resupe
Spanish : STG(Raul Dela, Ivan Bermejo)


Mi File Explorer v2.3.7.28

Current Version:
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Personalization

V2.3.7.28 update:
I’m working on …
1. Browsing archives before extracting
2. swiping pages
-. sending apk via bluetooth (What am I doing? I can send apk in the normal way:confused:
and fixing other bugs and creating all your nice ideas

v2.3.7.28 :
1. We have a pro root explorer now
2. Some changes and little bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.27 :
1. Sending problem solved.
2. Some little bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.26 :
1. Auto update option
2. LDPI support
3. Set minimum file size for each category
4. New layout in landscape mode for category page
5. Hide/Show tabs menu option (SD card page)
6. Screen orientation bugs fixed
7. Faster loading time
8. Unzipping problem fixed
9. Doesn’t need write permission for operation on file any more (if Root explorer enabled)
10. Changing language within the app itself (not perfect and needs to restart)

v2.3.7.25 :
1. set the minimum file size for categories (change it in settings page)
2. some big bugs fixed

v2.3.7.24 :
1. custom category finished
2. Option to hide/show directory from media scanners (not works on MIUI, very funny, I have spent a lot of time to fix that – MIUI devs have created some methods to create .nomedia files but it seems that they have forgotten to use them:D – you should ask them to support .nomedia file)
notice: if you’re using cm7 or … you can use this menu item to increase the speed of searching in some of category lists.
3. supports unrar
4. goto location of files from category lists
5. supports landscape screen orientation (not good, working on that)
6. fix loading big text file
7. fix font size for some phones
8. multilanguage (just the languages at the end of the post)
9. category browsing is perfect now on ICS ROM
10. some changes for your MDPI device
11. “create new file” menu item
12. create file/folder shortcut
13. root directory access from FTP server (be careful, it’s hot:D)
and lots of small changes

v2.3.7.23 :
1. FTP works like a charm (see screenshot)
2. Some of categories (Archives, Docs, Misc, Apks) works on all ROMs but not perfect, works slow. I’m working on that.
3. Theme category removed
4. Extract zip file added to SD card page. (long press menu)
5. Opening text files in a simple text editor
6. html option removed from “OPAN AS” menu
7. ICS Options menu fixed
8. (Checking the box) problem in Settings Option fixed
and lots of things that I don’t remember, are fixed or changed

v2.3.7.19 :
1. “open as” menu item added (see screenshots).

v2.3.7.18 :
1. change refresh icon
2. fixing options menu problem
3. move about page into settings
4. add setting menu item icon
5. signing problem for ICS users fixed
6. some bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.16 :
moving problem in category list fixed. (zipping instead of moving:D)

v2.3.7.15 :
1- Zipping and unzipping added
2- Root explorer added
3- You can change file permissions too
4- you can rename multiple files
And a lot of changes that I don’t remember now and fixing bugs and making new bugs:D


Porting and extending Miui file explorer Root Explorer Pro

This is MIUI file manage with more powerful function