Vodafone UK To Carry 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III Model Exclusively At Launch

It’s only a few weeks before we see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone in Europe, so it’s safe to run out to your local mobile carrier to grab the 32GB version, right? Wrong. Most carriers will likely carry a 16GB version of the device at launch, but there’s one carrier that has an exclusive model that will be available. Vodafone UK announced through its Twitter page that it will indeed carry the 32GB model exclusively, in addition to the standard 16GB model. It looks like Vodafone is trying to have the leg up on attracting customers to its network thanks its newfound exclusivity.

The 16GB and 32GB versions of the smartphone will be available on May 30th. Feel free to start drooling in the meantime.

Source: Vodafone UK Twitter
via: Eurodroid

Samsung & Dropbox To Offer 50GB Of Free Cloud Storage For Galaxy S III Owners

You want to know how Samsung intends on enticing potential customers now that it’s Galaxy S III smartphone is out? No, it isn’t the quad-core processor built-in nor the sweet lineup of accessories. My friends, Sammy is offering an attractive 50GB of free storage courtesy of Dropbox— similar to what HTC has done in the past. The key difference is HTC offered “only” 25GB, while Sammy is offering double the storage space.

Keep in mind as awesome as this is, it won’t last forever. Samsung and Dropbox will be offering this awesome promotion for Galaxy S III owners for a limited time only— owners who take advantage of this will have free storage for only 2 years. But hey— by the time 2 years comes around, we’ll probably be seeing a bigger and better promotion by then.

Source: Venture Beat

Samsung Reminds Us We’re Only One Day Away from the Next Galaxy

The end is nigh my friends. The Samsung Galaxy S III will finally be unveiled tomorrow during Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked Event in London and for those of you who want to see the unveiling for yourself, Samsung will be airing the event for your viewing pleasure. Not only are we going to see the highly anticipated GSIII (or the Next Galaxy phone, we still don’t know the official name), rumor has it Samsung could also be announcing a new Galaxy Tab and may even unleash their new cloud storage solution called S-cloud.

To see the event on your mobile device you are going to want to visit the ‘The Next Galaxy’ website, and from a desktop you can either go there or the Samsung Mobile Facebook page. If you are unable to watch as it happens live, have no fear because our own Chris Stewart will be there to relay all the gritty details. We will even have a hands on demo shortly after the event wraps up! So even if you do watch the video you will want to be sure to tune in shortly after the event to see this bad boy in action. We are so close now.

The show will begin at 7PM sharp UK time (2PM EST) at either of the source links below.

Samsung Mobile Facebook

Samsung Galaxy S III to sport a 4.8 inch screen?

Fear not dear readers, the launch of the Galaxy S III is only 4 days away, and finally the rumours will stop. Until then though, expect the excitement to reach fever pitch for what is beyond doubt the most hotly anticipated Android phone of all time. I seem to be reporting a lot of leaks, rumours and would be exclusives and it looks like today is no different.

The good folks over at Know Your Mobile received the above image, proclaiming to be the Galaxy S III, from an anonymous tipster. What perhaps makes this latest leak a little more interesting than some of the others is that the phone is pictured measured up against a ruler showing that the device measures 130mm and the screen 4.8 inches. The design of the phone in this image looks like a cross between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II, not necessarily a bad thing I hasten to add! Aside from the visible hardware home button, there’s not much else can be taken from the still.

The good news is that there’s only a few more days of drama before the next Galaxy is finally revealed to the world. Perhaps we’ll have the first “official” leak of the Galaxy S 4 by the following weekend!

Source : Know Your Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S III likely to come in Dual-core and Quad-core flavours

It’s less than 24 hours since Samsung broke the news that the next Galaxy would launch with the Quad0core Exynos processor and already reports are coming in that there is a high probability of a Dual-core version too. It’s no secret that the Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-core processor doesn’t play nicely with LTE networks hence HTC’s decision to opt for a Dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip for the US model of the One X. Could it be that Samsung’s latest and greatest chip will also present similar problems? The Korea Times certainly seems to think so as it recently got a tip-off from an unnamed Samsung exec that whilst the new Exynos chip will be on board internationally, the US model may feature the Snapdragon S4. The mystery exec was quoted as saying “Samsung plans to release its Galaxy S3 smartphone according to different specification and different markets. For European consumers, it will use 3G and the company’s own quad-core mobile APs, while its own solution that combines LTE, 3G and quad-core mobile APs will be used in the Korean version. But only in the United States, will Samsung use Qualcomm chips.”

I wouldn’t be too hasty about stewing over the lack of Exynos chip in the Galaxy S III (if the rumours are true of course) The Snapdragon S4 has proven on a number of occasions that it’s more than capable of standing toe-to-toe with the Quad-core giants. Will the choice of chip influence your decision on whether or not you’ll be picking up Samsung’s next uber-phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source : Korea Times

Samsung Galaxy S3 listing found within Kies PC Software

It seems that some Android investigative reporters have stumbled upon a listing of Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone within Samsung’s Kies media manager software. Apparently if you surf through the France region list of devices you will discover three small thumbnails that appear to be the Samsung Galaxy Note, yet two of them have descriptions listed as the “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300” and “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300T“. With all the buzz of various online websites listing the next Galaxy under the Galaxy S3 moniker, it’s easy to think that we now have an official name to go with all the rumored specs floating around the net.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Is it simply a place holder for the most highly anticipated Android device yet, or could someone be playing a cruel joke on us weak-minded dreamers? Only one week left until Sammy spills the beans!

Source: sammobile

AnTuTu Benchmark Shows Exynos-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III Is Top Dog Over Competition

As we get closer to Samsung’s big event next week, we will start to hear the beat of the leaks grow louder and louder. Case in point: AnTuTu casually lists a “Samsung Galaxy S III” in its benchmark software. The significance of this is that if this benchmark result is true, the Galaxy S III listed here crushes most of the competition and even beats out the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet in terms of overall performance. That’s not all either, there seem to be specific details of the device listed as well. For starters, this “Galaxy S III” model features a Exynos 4212 1.4GHz processor which is believed to be a dual-core variant (no quad-core?), 1GB of RAM, a 4.7″ HD display with a 1280×720 resolution, 2MP front camera, 12MP rear camera and Android 4.0. For the most part, the details for the device in this benchmark seems to match up with specs we’d previously heard before. Additionally, the device operates under a GSM/WCDMA band. That’s nice and all, but many of you are on CDMA or 4G LTE bands. Let’s just hope Samsung either releases a CDMA and LTE version of the smartphone at the same time as the GSM version or at the very least— not wait too long to release the additional models.

Yup, Samsung just continues to give us additional reasons to salivate, doesn’t it? Just one more week folks. Just one more week…

Source: Droid Life