Switch v1.4

Current Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action

V1.4 update:
Fixed some issues with black screens and the game not working on older phones.

Insanely addictive, fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and sounds.

As we got a lot of complaints about the adverts in the free version we have decided to try removing the adds completely with a token system provided by the guys at Pocket Change – this is why the new privacy permissions are in the game. It’s hard to get the balance between Ads and free but if you like the game please upgrade to the plus version which also gives you some extra options as well as removing adverts.
A top 5 HOT APP on App Brain

Check out some of the great quotes we have received:

Pocketgamer.co.uk “It’s quite often the case that the free games on Android tend to be riffs on established genres, but rarely are they as polished and good-looking as Switch”

The Sun Games Column “As far as Android titles go, this is good. Very good.”

Droidgamers.com “Switch is a great little 3D racing game that is face-paced and looks great.”

Eudroid.com “It’s fantastic and works very well on touch screens / A great game that really suits the hardware and mobile format. Get it.”

letstalktablets.com “yet another visual masterpiece. That’s right everyone, Switch has arrived. How long will you last in this fast paced thrill ride? Strap on your space age seat belt and prepare to get hooked on this extremely addictive 3D game.”

Androidguys.com “We just spent the last half hour playing Switch and have found ourselves officially hooked. Switch is easy to master but nearly impossible to walk away from.”

SmartKeitai.com “Switch consists of just one level, but it takes us on a thrill ride from start to finish and keeps us coming back for more.”
Switch is an insanely addictive fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and high quality sound coupled with white-knuckle ride gameplay. It’s the latest FREE game from Atomicom, the makers of Bang Bang Racing THD named as one of the best looking games on Android.

Welcome to one of the fastest gaming experiences on Android, Switch sets you against obstacles and opponents as you weave your way through space and time. Your goal is to travel as far as possible avoiding the energy beams that will destroy your ship, time your switches correctly to also avoid the enemy ships. If you need some help collect the shield power-ups that will let you smash through your opponents and achieve top scores.

You will be amazed by the incredible graphics, high quality sounds and the sheer speed of the game, how long can you last?
• Simple and addictive gameplay.
• Console quality visuals and sounds.
• Original sound and music.
• Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.

Also coming very soon is House of Golf and Angry Wife, check out http://www.atomicom.co.uk for more information on our forth coming titles.

X-Ray Scanner v1.4

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: This application helps you to fake x-ray scan to have fun!

This application helps you to fake x-ray scan to have fun!


You will need some practice to make it look real! If you want to start and use it without reading “how to” you should not even download this app!

This application uses your G-Sensor (not a camera!) to make an illusion of x-ray scan. Tilt your phone to the bottom to move the x-ray scan picture!

It will help you to trick your friends and make them think that you have a real build in xray scanner in your phone camera!

Before downloading and rating remember it is not real x-ray scanner! It does not use the camera for any purpose! It uses accelerometer to fake a scan! Please read the “how to” before rating!

To keep this app 100% free, you will receive the following – shortcut icon on your home screen and notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for those. You can Drag & Drop the icon to the garbage, this will not affect the app in any way.

This X-Ray Scanner have included scans of:
– Right and left hand
– Right and left foot
– Chest (Premium)
– Skull (Premium)
– Homer Brain (Premium)
– Middle hand finger (Premium)


Manage My Pain Pro v1.4

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The most effective pain mgmt. app to record, track, analyze, & share your pain.

The most effective pain mgmt. app to record, track, analyze, & share your pain.

After months of medical research and development, Manage My Pain is the most effective Android app to help you record, track, analyze, and share your chronic pain through the following features, further described below:
• a proven pain description methodology
• quick and simple ways to record pain
• the ability to graph, chart, and view pain records
• generate reports with summary, details, and stats
• view and share reports
• backup and restore capabilities
The Pro version adds:
• the ability to view more than 10 records

To migrate from Lite to Pro:
• Press the Backup/Restore button in the Lite version
• Select Backup from the pop-up
• Launch the Pro version, and press Backup/Restore
• Select Backup from the pop-up
• Validate that all records exist in Pro and uninstall Lite!
Developed for patients suffering from and care-givers or medical professionals treating:
• arthritis & rheumatism
• cancer
• chronic pain
• headaches & migraines
• fibromyalgia
Questions? Bugs? Feature Requests? We want to hear from you to ensure a 5-star experience!
• Website: Life Control Software » Contact
• Twitter: Twitter
Use this pain management app to replace your hand-written:
• pain diary
• pain journal
• pain log
• pain tracker
Feature 1 – Proven Pain Description Methodology

Manage My Pain leverages the American Pain Foundation’s LOCATES methodology to describe pain. This approach provides an intuitive way for patients to easily describe their pain to enable medical professionals to evaluate and assess the pain.

L: Location of the pain and other body parts that it travels to.
O: Other associated symptoms such as anxiety, dizziness, or nausea.
C: Character of the pain such as burning, dull, sharp, or throbbing.
A: Aggravating and alleviating factors. What makes the pain get better or worse?
T: Time and duration of pain, and whether it is constant, intermittent or breakthrough.
E: Environment where the pain occurs, such as while at work or at home.
S: Severity of the pain using a 0-to-10 pain scale from no pain to worst ever.

Each section already contains a pre-populated list based on medical journals of common characteristics from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, headaches, cancer, and rheumetism.

Feature 2 – Quick and Simple Ways to Record Pain
• Add pain records through a single-screen typing-free interface
• Customize lists to ensure accurate and relevant descriptors
• Duplicate an existing record to avoid re-entry

Feature 3 – Graph, chart, and view pain records
• Analyze the distribution of your records through Pie Charts
• Graph the severity of your records over time through Line Graphs
• See records in a Calendar View and overlay indicators
• Apply a filter to only view records that meet specific criteria

Feature 4 – Generate reports
• Create a PDF summarizing your pain records
• Optionally include filters and details in the report

Feature 5 – View and share reports
• View all previously-generated reports
• Email any generated reports

Feature 6 – Import and Export Your Data
• Export all records to a file on your SD Card
• Import your records from a file across all supported Android devices

KD Collage Pro v1.4

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: KD Collage – new application to create wonderful collages from your photos. The application includes about 50 collage patterns and over 80 background options

Beautiful collage is easy!

KD Collage – new application to create wonderful collages from your photos. The application includes about 50 collage patterns and over 80 background options. Added photo can be moved, rotated and zoomed in/out. You can also add a text with different fonts and styles. Completed collages can be saved in HD to SD memory card or in Favorites for further editing.
We wish you the creative successes and breath-taking results!

Veevo HD PRO v1.4

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: VEVO – Free Entertainment with HD quality videos.

No Ads.
VEVO – Free Entertainment with HD quality videos.

YouTube Channels:
– Justin Bieber
– Rihanna
– Lady Gaga
– Eminem
– Shakira
– Beyonce
– Black Eyed Peas
– Britney Spears
– Chris Brown
– Michael Jackson
– Jennifer Lopez
– Pitbull
– KatyPerry
– Enrique Iglesias
– Avril Lavigne
– Selena Gomez
– Taylor Swift
– 50Cent
– LilWayne
– Don Omar
– Kanye West
– Mariah Carey
– Akon
– Adele
– Nicki Minaj
– Usher
– Maroon5
– Jessie J
– Wisin & Yandel
– Pink
– Ne-Yo
– Nelly
– Bon Jovi
– Soulja Boy Tellem
– Taio Cruz
– The Pussycat Dolls
– David Guetta
– Kesha
– Guns N Roses
– Justin Timber Lake
– Snoop Dogg
– Miley Cyrus
– Kelly Clarkson
– Nicole Scherzinger
– Ciara
– Nirvana
– 3Doors Down
– Timbaland
– Christina Aguilera
– Ricky Martin

Are you missing anything… Yess.. More Than 50 channels in one single app
* Videos are limited to only few countries. Its because of vevo’s channels restriction. Works great in all top countries like US, UK, IN, CH, MA, etc..

If you are subscribed to any of above channels, then its a Must have app for you !!

More than videos, you get thier Facebook Fan Page and Tweets.. Its Evrything what you want to stay connected with your favorite celebrity.. Download and try it.. Share us your valuable feedback’s. Indelible Team is working hard to make the app Cooler and better.

Use 3G network connections or WiFi for the highest quality music video experience.

Stay connected with new videos, tweets and facebook post of your favorite celebrity..

Unlimited entertainment with Unlimited Videos !!! Enjoy
Less description »

Latest version: 1.4 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)


Time-Lapse v1.4

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Easily shoot your own timelapse videos at resolutions from 176×144 to 2048×1536 with playback rate up to 30 fps.

Easily shoot your own timelapse videos at resolutions from 176×144 to 2048×1536 with playback rate up to 30 fps. Videos are saved directly as .mov files on your device and may be uploaded to YouTube or played back in VLC Media Player.

Recent changes:
Now you can edit the frame rate after recording a Time-Lapse video.

* NOTE: Incompatible with some devices.
Latest version: 1.4 (for all Android versions)

Nanairo Theme GO Launcher EX v1.4


Current Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
Category: Personalization

V1.4 update:
Add 5 new wallpapers.

Follow the steps to achieve the effect in the preview screenshots.
1. Make sure you have installed GO Launcher EX.
2. Download and install Nanairo Theme GO Launcher EX.
3. Click Menu > Themes, choose and apply Nanairo Theme.
4. You main screen interface will look like the third preview screenshot with 5 icons on the dock bar. Drag and place your Phone and SMS icon into the middle. Then long press Phone icon > Replace > Theme Icon, and choose the corresponding icon as shown in the red box of the third preview screenshot.
5. Apply Transparent Icon into the apps at the both side of the dock bar. Long press the left app icon > Replace > Theme Icon, then choose the transparent icon as shown in the blue box of the third preview screenshot.
6. Done!

(clock widget:BobClockD3)

Unique Features:
1. Visualize the special effects of the three app icons in dormancy model. You will find no other theme in this style currently.
2.There are 7 species of different color wallpapers.