CyanogenMod Reaches 10 Million Devices, Oppo N1 CM Edition Gets a Promo Video

Despite Google’s best efforts, some smartphone and tablet manufacturers are perfectly content to allow their devices to languish, never to receive the latest version of Android through any sort of official channel. That’s where Cyanogen, Inc. comes in: the newly incorporated company promises customized versions of Android that, in addition to providing the latest AOSP has to offer, are much more feature-rich than OEM firmware. Installation of CyanogenMod software requires a compatible device and foreknowledge of certain dev tools, of course, but it remains the most consumer-friendly third-party ROM available.

Apparently, the promise of Android updates is attractive to a vast number of smartphone and tablet users: more than 10 million devices are running the ROM. That’s according to a Google+ post by Steve Kondik, CTO of CyanogenMod.

To clarify, 10 million is an estimate; only users who voluntarily report activity via CMStats, a built-in analytic service, are counted. Still, the number is impressive, and certainly an indication that the desire for aftermarket Android solutions is growing.

Perhaps in celebration of the milestone (and the additional $23 million in funding they just took in), Cyanogen took to YouTube to promote the Oppo N1, the first-ever CyanogenMod-certified smartphone. Launching December 24, it’s the fledgling company’s first attempt to translate its software success to the hardware business. As you can imagine, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this first phone attempt, as well as any others that come through this ROM-turned-corporate entity.



Source: Droid Life

Google and Reliance team up to offer free data to new Android users in India

Is this a blue android I see before me? It certainly is as it’s the figurehead for the ‘Blue Bot’ campaign launched by Google and Reliance. Both parties have significant interest in the success of this campaign, for Google it looks to drive interest in the Android OS in India and for Reliance it’s all about attracting new customers to its new 3G network.

The promotion promises 1GB of free data usage for all new Reliance CDMA sign-ups and renewals, both pre-paid and contract, who purchase a new Android handset. The data is for one month only and must be used within the calendar month. The deal is available right now and is due to run until June 15th. There is a separate, similar promotion for GSM handsets due to launch on May 5th.

The Indian market is still very much dominated by Nokia with Android market share slowly creeping up, a free data offering is certainly an ideal way to kickstart a sales surge. Google’s quest for Android world domination continues. Click the link below to take a closer look at the deals on offer.

Source : Reliance
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Over 600 MGM Titles Coming To YouTube And Google Play

Google and MGM have struck a licensing deal to feature over 600 MGM movie titles as rentals on YouTube and Google Play in North America, including titles such as Rocky, Rainman, The Terminator, and Robocop. This deal comes just a couple of weeks after their deal with Paramount Pictures for 500 movies.

MGM and Paramount are two of the five major film studios with which Google has partnered, leaving only 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, as the lone hold out. Murdoch has had issues with Google’s hands-off approach to blocking links to pirated content via its search engine, so a deal doesn’t seem likely until one side changes position.

The addition of MGM brings Google to nearly 10,000 titles available through YouTube or Google Play. At this rate, Netflix and HBO GO better watch out.

TubeMote v1.3

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: TubeMote lets you use your mobile device as a remote control for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, Ustream, Scribd and Slideshare.

TubeMote lets you use your mobile device as a remote control for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, Ustream, Scribd, and Slideshare.
NOTE: For a live demo and usage instructions, please visit TubeMote on your computer. If you are having trouble getting TubeMote to work on your device, we’d like to help, so please contact us at

* It’s not WiFi-based — it works through the web!
* Turn your android device into a remote control for your channel.
* Your channel works in most browsers.
* Find YouTube videos on your device and watch them play instantly on your channel.
* Watch your favorite Vimeo and Dailymotion videos.
* Watch live streams from and Ustream.
* Control your next Scribd and SlideShare presentations.
* It’s completely free.

500 Paramount movies coming to Google Play and YouTube thanks to a new licensing agreement


Google just announced a new licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures, which will bring approximately 500 new movie titles to both Google Play and YouTube. Paramount is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and has been responsible for titles such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Hugo, Transformers, and the Godfather.

With the addition of Paramount, Google now has five of the six major studios and has a nearly 9,000 movies available for rent. They plan on continuing to add more titles and hopefully open up shop in more countries this year.

As far as the new Paramount movies goes, some of the titles are already available, but it might take a couple of months for all of them to show up.