Firework GO Launcher EX Theme v1.8

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Inside everyone there is a burning fire.

Though often ignored, it’s there, inside deep. When those pressure, tingling, and friction hurt your feelings, they are meanwhile screaming and cheering for the fire. Why confine its outbreak? Life is short. Why not let it free since the buring fire of your soul can release yourself? Come and release yourself with us!

add 1 hot wallpaper
add 5 icons(Glympse/shopkick/StumbleUpon/Superuser/Wattpad)

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===>Important tips:
1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed! (Search “GO Launcher EX” to download)
2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Themes->Choose “Classic” theme.
3. Search “GO Launcher EX Theme” in the Android Market to get more fantastic themes.
4. The weather and clock widget in screenshots belongs to GO Weather, Search “GO Weather” to download if you like.
5. Other useful widgets in screenshots are our GOwidgets. (Search “GOwidget” in Android Market to find them at once!

Paper Zombie v1.8

Current Version: 1.8
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Arcade & Action

V1.8 update:
Bug fixing

Download Paper Zombie FREE now! 500.000+ gamers can’t be wrong!


Download Paper Zombie FREE now! 500.000+ gamers can’t be wrong! Top Ten game in iOS in more than 10 countries.

REVIEWS (iOS version): “Paper Zombie is a brilliant addition to the arcade blasting genre on iOS. The gameplay is fresh, the artwork fun in an American McGee’s Grimm kind of way, and the unloackables enticing enough to keep the player going.” Score: 4.5 / 5 “Paper Zombie: Un brillante gioco sparatutto per iOS” “PaperZombie es uno de esos títulos que no puedes dejar escapar en tu iPhone tanto por su jugabilidad, su mezcla de estrategía y shooter, como por sus divertidos gráficos y genial ambiente.” “The visuals are cool, the music is surprisingly solid and the various tools used to dispatch the shuffling ghouls are fun to use.”


Paper Zombie is a fast action shooting game where your mission consists of facing challenging waves of zombies in relatively short but very exciting and intensive stages.

Luckily you have three kinds of different weapons, each one with its own capabilities. You should combine them to succeed at this unevenly-matched fight.

– Cutting weapons. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to destroy paper is cutting it, but you’ll need to be relatively close to the zombies.

– Shooting weapons. Shoot at the zombies to knock them down but remember that you may only have a limited amount of bullets.

– Launching weapons. Paper burns easily. Launch firebombs to the areas plagued by zombies to finish them off but be careful that there aren’t any innocent ones in the area!

Paper Zombie isn’t just another game. It takes 3D capabilities of the handheld device to the limit, with user friendliness, an audiovisual display and depth to the game that has never been seen before on this platform and even more so on consoles.


FX Photo Editor v1.8

Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: ★★★★★ The best photo editor ever!

Featured as “One of the top 10 hottest apps”
– March 14th,

“if you think that your current photo-editing app isn’t enough for your needs, JellyBus Inc. has introduced a great new Android app that you might want to try out.”
– Waqas Ahmed,

★★★★★ The best photo editor ever!

FX Photo Editor contains 110 presets and all editing features which allow you to express the best moment of your life.

Photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment.
FX Photo Editor is easier and more convenient than any other editors. Touch and touch! With few taps your photo will be amazingly changed. You can be a professional photographer.

★ Youtube Video clip Review : FX Photo Editor by JellyBus – YouTube

(1) 110 Professional Presets
110 presets in 10 themes will satisfy everyone – All kinds of your photo can be depicted beautifully with 110 awesome presets.
Preset Themes : Scene, HDR, Blur, ART, Vintage, Grunge, Beauty, Professional, Color Splash, Black & White

(2) Real time Preset opacity control
You are able to control the opacity of presets when you apply it. By adjusting the opacity you can have varied effects within a preset.

(3) Get your own unique effect from unlimited combinations of presets
You can apply one and more presets to your photo. Through this work, you can get an unlimited number of preset combinations and are allowed to create your unique effects.
(4) Favorite and History list
You can add presets you like to the Favorite list.
Presets you have used lately are automatically listed in History and they can be called and used conveniently when you edit a photo.
To the Favorite up to 30 presets, and to History up to 20 presets can be added to each list. If the maximum number of Favorite and History list is over, the oldest preset will disappear from the lists.

(5) Time Matrix with temporal photographic effects
Time Matrix is a special function that allows you to express a particular time’s atmosphere in a photo.
Like a time machine, you can travel time with Time Matrix and apply a variety of effects according to the time you set.
You can experience this astonishing feature, Time Matrix, provided exclusively by FX Photo Editor.

(6) The edition tools for the varied purpose, from beginners to professionals
FX Photo editor provides not only the basic edition tools such as Color, Contrast, Exposure and etc., but also the professional edition tools like Histogram, B&W Curve, Colored Curve, and White Balance These professional tools are especially for those people who want to control more detailed adjustment.

(7) Different feeling of a photo with Textures
Textures are provided in order to help you make a photo more stylish and express various feelings through a photo. The opacity of textures can be controlled.

(8) Useful Borders and Vignetting
Complete edition with the last touch of putting a photo in borders.
Moreover, there are different styles of vignetting and you can also control the strength of vignetting.

(9) Save in various resolutions
FX Photo editor allows you to save a photo in from SNS optimized sizes up to the size of 2048 px..
(The saving size can be differentiated in some Android devices.)

(10) Manual
FX Photo Editor is designed for everyone to use conveniently and easily.

[ Features ]
– Take a photo and Load a photo
– Environmental settings
– 110 Presets categorized in 10 themes
– Filter effects and real-time control
– Time Matrix
– Crop and Mirror
– Color, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure
– Histogram, Colored Curve, B&W Curve, White Balance
– Textures
– Different styles and opacity control of vignetting
– Useful stylish Borders
– Compare with an original photo anytime
– FX Photo Editor Manual

Your precious 5 stars encaurage us to develop and improve our application constantly. Thank you very much!
We are waiting for your feedback

We recommend taking photos by applying 5M Pixels option if you want to edit photos for best quality.

What’s in this version:
Improved main interface
More borders
Minor bug fix

Google Goggles v1.8

Requirements: for Android version 2.2 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Search by taking a picture.

Goggles uses image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can translate words in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Russian.

– Scan barcodes using Goggles to get product information
– Scan QR codes using Goggles to extract information
– Recognize famous landmarks
– Translate by taking a picture of foreign language text
– Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
– Scan text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
– Recognize paintings, books, dvd, cds, and just about any 2D image
– Solve Sudoku puzzles

What’s in this version:
In Continuous Mode, the recognized objects that you tap on are now saved to your Search History.
Barcode recognition in Continuous mode is now twice as fast.


aOS Launcher Pro v1.8


Latest version:1.8
Requirement: Android 1.5 and up

Details · · ·
aOS Launcher, reinventing the user experience.
Highly Customizable Home replacement application

To start aOS Launcher, press your android phone’s HOME key and select “aOS Launcher” in the list

of available options.

Unique features of aOS Launcher:
– It takes user experience to the next level
– Stylish black 3D dockbar with Large sized iPhone like dock bar buttons
– Dock bar buttons actually get pushed down when you touch them!
– Over 40 custome icon styles to select from, to make your phone look different each day
– Option to suppress the icons completely and show Application names only
– Option to suppress Application names to show-off your application icons
– Full support to widgets and live wallpapers
– Comes packed with 3 dafault iPhone wallpapers
– Multi-page support with page indicators at top
– Editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders!
– Even with all these features, has very low memory footprint and runs quite quick
– More customizations and features are coming …

How to change Launcher Settings:
– For Launcher specific settings – Select Menu >> aOS Settings

Some tips about various settings:
– AppIcons – Style option to view over 40 different icon styles.
– “Show Application Labels” option is selected by default, if unchecked will make the Application names disappear from the screen – makes your icons looks very stylish
– “Show Application Icons” option when unchecked will make default application icons disappear. It’s recommended that you uncheck both this and the above option together to make all your icons TEXT based. All your icons will have application names and no images, pretty neat!